About Us

Everyone knows Thailand as a vacation paradise. After all, its islands and beaches, fun and festivals have been attracting tourists for decades now. But there’s a new group of tourists coming here, not just to relax in the land of smiles but to enjoy some of the kingdom’s cutting-edge medical care, particularly in the field of cosmetic surgery. Here, you can combine your treatment with a healing holiday and return home not only looking better than ever, but also feeling sublimely relaxed: still having spent less money than you would have done if you’d had your procedure done in Europe or the North America.

For people from all over the world, Thailand has become the number one destination for medical tourism. And now it is easier to arrange than ever before with convenience, comfort and world-class care from highly experienced medical professionals. Beauty Med Thailand can arrange your trip and surgery and see that you get the best care possible, as well as the chance to explore a little of this lovely land at cost effective prices.

Nearly every cosmetic and medical procedure you can think of can be performed in Thailand. Popular surgeries include blepharoplasty, abdominoplasty, brachioplasty, breast lifts and reductions, breast enlargements, facelifts, dermabrasion, mid-face lift, forehead lift, rhinoplasty and liposuction. Thailand is also the best place in the world to come for sex reassignment and the expertise of the doctors and nurses in this area is unsurpassed. Other popular types of surgery include hip and knee replacements and many patients have these procedures done in Thailand to avoid long waiting lists as well as to save money – often as much as 70%.

Thailand is also a great place to come for general procedures: diagnostics, cardiology, ear nose and throat procedures, fertility treatment and general surgery. So you can come here to deal with your medical complaints before heading off to recover in paradise.

And if you use Beauty Med, to arrange your care, you are getting a whole lot more than the surgery. We take care of your every need…

  • Private transportation to and from the hotel and the hospital.

  • Translation services.

  • Checks on recovering patients on a regular basis.

  • Airport medical assistance if needed.

Patents coming to Thailand will also be able to contact us on a 24-hour basis and we have great experience in arranging sightseeing tours and excursions. We can also help find the perfect venues to enjoy some of Thailand’s famous restaurants and shopping and teach you all about the colorful local customs and culture. All you really need to do is pack your bags and let us take care of the rest.

Here in Thailand, international patients enjoy facilities that don’t merely equal but often surpass those found in western countries. In fact, many patients have compared the kingdom’s hospitals to top range hotels. Beauty Med has contracts with hospitals that have English-speaking, American and UK trained health professionals on staff and the majority of the hospitals are members of the first and largest incorporated hospital groups in South East Asia. As well as some of the world’s most up-to-date medical technology, Thailand’s hospitals have all the amenities to ensure your stay is comfortable. Cafeterias, shops and entertainment can be found on the premises.

So if you are looking to improve your looks, enhance your figure and undergo life-changing surgery, Thailand should be your first choice. Where else would you find the finest surgeons, world-class care and the best beaches to recover on, and still go home with money in your pocket?