Thailand is known the world over for being a paradise holiday destination where people come to lie on the beach, walk in the hills and shop in the markets. But now a new type of visitor is coming to the kingdom. For Thailand can boast some of the world best hospitals and medical care, especially in the fields of cosmetic and plastic surgery.

Initially, one of the attractions for foreign tourists was the low costs of medical care, especially when compared to similar services in the Europe, America, Japan or Singapore. But people soon found that Thailand also boasts state-of-the-art facilities, and highly qualified and skilled doctors and surgeons. In addition, many Thai hospitals are extremely luxurious and can be compared with top-class hotels, as employees make every effort to ensure the comfort of patients.

Another advantage of coming to Thailand for a medical procedure, is that you can treat your time here as a holiday and spend some recuperation time sightseeing or relaxing. And you are not limited to staying in the capital city of Bangkok. There are network hospitals and clinics in all major cities and at holiday destinations such as the southern islands.

Of course, as in any country, it is worth being prepared if you are coming to the kingdom to take advantage of its excellent health care. That is why Beauty Med is here to help medical tourists to make all the correct arrangements, and offer professional guidance. We can ensure you find the perfect hospital and help you to plan a fun and healthy recuperation program.

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