PAI Preecha Aesthetic Institute – Bangkok

One of the world’s most respected institutes for Sex Reassignment Surgery is the Preecha Aesthetic Institute  (PAI) which has been a pioneer in this type of surgery for nearly 35 years. PAI’s skilled surgeons can also offer a wide range of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries

The clinic was established by one of Asia’s’ foremost surgeons, Dr.Preecha Tiewtranon whose famous “Chollada Clinic” was open from 1978 to 2002. Dr. Preecha is known as “King of the Sex Change Operations” here in Thailand for the huge number of surgeries he has performed and techniques he has pioneered. Over the years, he has trained some of Thailand’s best surgeons at Chulalongkorn Medical School and around the world. But because so many sex-reassignment patients request other types of surgery, Dr. Preecha  decided to open a center where people could come for a range of procedures knowing they would be operated on by the most experienced surgeons.

PAI was established in 2002 and each of its surgeons is at the top of their field in aspects of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Since its opening, the clinic has become a leading center for a range of procedures including face and breast work, implants and transplants nose jobs and tummy tucks to name but a few. This is in addition to their gender reassignment procedures.

The center has ten advanced consultation rooms, six operating theaters and can boast top of the range equipment. But it is the skill and expertise of its surgeons and their commitment to continuous research and teaching that has led to PAI’s international reputation as one of the world’s finest clinics.