Phuket Hospital – Phuket

With Phuket being such a magnet for tourists, it is to be expected that it would also be a popular center for medical tourism. And many of the people coming to this lovely island for treatment book in to Phuket International Hospital which, being the biggest hospital on the island is large enough and has the facilities to treat offer nearly any kind of surgery.

As well as cosmetic procedures, Phuket hospital offers a range of comprehensive specialty medical and surgical services as well as plastic surgery, Lasik, dialysis and dental treatment as well as many other specialty services. The hospital partners with Phuket International Aesthetic Center where some of Thailand’s leading Plastic Surgeons work. Here you can undergo a whole range of surgeries or enhancements including Gender Reassignment Surgery.

Because of the huge numbers of foreign tourists using the hospital’s services, great care goes into looking after their needs. Phuket International assists foreign patients, as well as their families via the International Services Department which provides coordination services with international insurance agencies and embassies and ensures that any hospitalization is managed as smoothly as possible. They will coordinate your medical and personal requirements and the hospital’s VIP rooms have all the facilities of a top class hotel.