Samitivej Hospital – Bangkok

Since 1979, Samitivej hospital has been on the front-line of Thailand’s private medical care and is now considered one of South East Asia’s leading hospitals, thanks to the expertise of its staff and state-of-the-art facilities. The group now has several premises and clinics around the country and in 2003 opened the first private children’s hospital in Thailand.

Samitivej’s four hospitals have over 800 beds and the main branch in the heart of the city alone has more than 400 medical specialists who offer a wide range of services from minor out-patient procedures, to organ transplants and cosmetic surgery. The hospitals treat over one million patients every year and, thanks to their international standards, over 40% of these are patients and medical tourists from overseas. The fact that so many of the staff speak a second or third language is also a massive draw as patients can talk to doctors in their own languages when they want to discuss their treatment or surgeries. There are also professional interpreters on hand and the hospital can even help you with your immigration and visa issues if your treatment is going to take some time.

All four branches of Samitivej are JCI accredited and over the years, Samitivej has garnered awards and praise from medical professionals from all over the world. in 1999 the hospital was bestowed with the Mother and Baby Friendly Hospital award from the WHO. This reflects the hospital’s commitment to not only providing quality care backed by the latest technology, but also that true care that the hospital offers patients.