Yanhee Hospital – Bangkok

For nearly quarter of a century, Yankee International Hospital has been providing some of the region’s best medical care and has built up a reputation in South East Asia for cosmetic and plastic surgery which is second-to-none. Its gleaming premises have seen hundreds of people come here to improve their looks and their lives.

As well as its state-of-the-art facilities, Yanhee has 400 beds, 12 operating theaters, a 20-bed ICU and over 95s examination rooms. So you are never faced with a long wait to see one of your medical professionals. The hospital has ISO 9001 certification and treats thousands of patients a year.

Yanhee’s mission

Yanhee International Hospital is well committed to give you best quality of the services as well as excellent International care in the cost-effective way.

Yanhee’s vision

To be at forefront of Asia’s healthcare industry and to gain the international recognition for quality of the care and services, cosmetic surgery and medical facilities.

We aim at continual improvement of our health and beauty services as well as the diversity and professionalism of our staff by continuing their medical education.

Yanhee’s values

Compassion, integrity and trust and the belief that everyone is entitled to quality healthcare regardless of race or color age or religion.