Breast implants

Yanhee in Bangkok PAI in Bangkok Phuket Hospital Bangkok Hospital Samui Bandon Hospital Samui
$2800 ~ less 400 cc
$3200 ~ 400-525 cc
$4200 ~ 550-880 cc
$8000 ~ 1000 cc
2,925 4,244 3,750 2,910
Stay in Hospital 1 night 1 night 1 night 1 night 1 night

Breast Implants

As a woman, your breasts are vital to your femininity and how you feel about your body. They have a huge influence on how you feel about yourself, your confidence and even your sexuality.  And we are bombarded with media images of the “perfect breasts” everyday. So, little wonder that few women are 100% happy with how their breasts look. Women come in all shapes and sizes, some feel their breasts are too large, some too small, some don’t like them being uneven. And of course, breasts change as women age and have families, but it is possible to enhance the look of breasts with surgery, most commonly with implants. This augmentation is known as mammoplasty and is one of the most common forms of cosmetic surgery.

Women who feel that their breasts are too small, or worry that they’ve lost their youthful fullness because of age, weight loss or breastfeeding might opt for surgery to enhance bust size and shape permanently. Thailand has long been a destination for women looking for this type of surgery thanks to the experience of surgeons and the competitive pricing.

But as with any form of surgery, there are serious considerations to make before you book a flight or make an appointment.

Am I the right candidate?

Firstly, candidates for breast implant surgery in Thailand have to be 18 or older and have real reason for undergoing the operation. Are you lacking in self-esteem because your breasts have are uneven, too small or have lost their fullness? Have age, weight loss and breast feeding taken their toll or do you just want to improve your body balance and image? Smokers will be required to stop smoking in advance of surgery and avoid aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs.

The surgery

After researching your surgeon, it is vital that you meet them for a detailed consultation with them. Your surgeon will make decisions with you are how to best meet your needs. A good surgeon will not perform procedures they they think unnecessary.  With your surgeon’s help you can decide which implant will work best for you and which will give a good final outcome. So you will have to choose between pre-filled saline or silicone gel implants. Individual factors and personal preferences will help the surgeon the breast size, the location of incisions, and whether the implants will be placed on top of or under the chest muscles.

Recovery time

Most breast implant operations in Thailand are done on an outpatient basis and usually patients can be discharged the same day. However for your the comfort of patients, Beauty Med prefers that women who have undergone implant procedures spend at least one night in the hospital.

About two days, after the surgery you’ll be able to move about, however, it’ll be a full month until you’re fully healed. If you’re wondering about going back to work, you can return in 1-2 weeks, but only if your job doesn’t require activity that’s overly strenuous or will increase your blood pressure.

Your results

If you have had breast implants, you’ll notice an increase in size as soon as the surgery is complete but it will take awhile for the bruising and swelling to go away and there is no need to be alarmed.As with any surgery, the more you plan ahead and research, the better prepared you will be for implant surgery. So there are many things that you have to think about and keep in mind when you are deciding whether or not you want to come to Thailand to get breast implants. But there are few regrets from most women when they wake in the morning and see a brand new vision of themselves reflected in the mirror. You, will never look at yourself in the same way ever again and nor will your friends.

Get the shape you want! Today.