Breast reductions

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Breast reductions

While a lot of women opt for surgery to increase the size of their breasts, many women want quite the opposite. Large breasted women often want to reduce their breast size for a variety of reasons. Large breasts can create health problems such as back pain and a poor posture. When breasts are very large, you can also suffer from neck and head pain, numbness in the hands and shoulders and problems exercising and sleeping. Large breasts can also cause skin problems thanks to constant perspiration and friction from bra straps. Little wonder than many women with large breasts tend to have problems with self esteem from constantly dealing with how they think they are perceived by others.

Luckily, breast size can be easily reduced in a relatively easy surgical procedure, and in Thailand there are many doctors who are highly experienced in performing breast reductions.

Are you a candidate?

Women have breast reductions for a range of reasons. If you have always been self-conscious about the size of your breasts or feel  that your quality of life is suffering then this may be an option for you. In addition, if your breasts are affecting your range of movement, causing you pain in the back, next, head or shoulders then you are certainly a candidate for a reduction. Many women find that a breast reduction can greatly improve their lifestyles in often unexpected ways.

If you think that you are suitable for a breast reduction, you have to maintain a set weight in the months leading up to your surgery and not be breast feeding or pregnant at the time.

After the surgery

After your surgery and recovery, you will feel a great deal less self conscious about the size of your breasts. You (and other people) will notice that your body has a more balanced look, thanks to your newer, more even proportions. Women who have long been self conscious about large breasts will find that surgery is a great boost to their self esteem.

The surgery 

During the surgery glandular tissue, excess fat and skin are taken from the breast to decrease volume and weight. Normally, the nipples are removed and attached in a new position. Although, the nipples will be reattached there may be a permanent loss of sensation in the nipple and areola.  However most surgeons will try to avoid this and so keep the nipples attached to the blood vessels and the nerves.  The operation, usually takes from two to four hours.


If you are planning a reduction, you should be aware that you may have permanent scars, but the operation is considered safe and is commonly performed in Thailand.  Of course, as with any surgery there are risks involved  such as an reaction to the anesthetic, bleeding, infection and clotting, but these are rare.  After the operation, your breasts will be tender and sore, and there will be swelling and bruising around the area but this soon goes down. In the long term, your breast size may increase if you gain weight, but correspondingly will also reduce if you lose weight. So there is an extra incentive to stay in shape and keep your new look trim.

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