Cheek implants

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In many cultures, eastern and western, Having prominent cheekbones is a sign of beauty but there are few people lucky enough to have the bone structure or genetics that make up this look. But you can give mother nature a helping hand with subtle cheek implants and Thailand is an ideal place to undergo this procedure. Cheek implants lift the cheeks and give you the appearance of having high cheekbones and they can also impart smoothness to the cheeks. By working with your surgeon you can decide which look best suits you and works with your facial contours. It is important to get the balance right to ensure a harmonious look to your features.

Am I a candidate for cheek implants?

To get implants you need to be over 18 as the surgery works best when your face has grown into itself and matured. In fact it is better to wait until your 20s, an age when most people’s baby fat has gone. The surgery is also good for people who have congenital defects or malar deficiencies.

The surgery

During surgery the surgeon may insert a solid implant over the cheekbone. While in surgery the patient is under anesthetic. An incision is made in the fold under the lower eyelashes or inside the upper lips. Then the surgeons  make a pocket and insert a solid implant over the cheekbone. They may also insert the patient’s own fat or a soft tissue filler before stitching up the cut.

Post surgery

This is a relatively simple procedure and rarely takes more than an hour. There is no visible scarring as incisions are made in the fold of the eyes or from inside the mouth. Any stitches are absorbed back into the body so you don’t have to return to have them removed.

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