Yanhee in Bangkok PAI in Bangkok Phuket Hospital Bangkok Hospital Samui Bandon Hospital Samui
Mid-Face: 2800

Forehead: 1800

Neck Lift: 1800

-Mid face: 3,520

-Face & Neck: 4,500

-Full face & Neck lift & Upper or Lower eyelid: 4,950

-Mid facelift & Neck lift & Upper and Lower eyelid: 5200

Mid+lower: 4,635

Neck: 3,090

Forehead: 4635

Lateral Brow: 2,781

-Face: 4,375

-Neck: 2,500

-Face+Neck: 5,625

1.Mid-Face: 2,800

2.Neck Lift: 1,850

3. Forehead: 1,850

1+2 or 3 =3,270
1+2+3 = 4,220

Stay 1-2 nights 2 nights 3 nights 2 nights 2 nights

George Orwell once wrote that “at age 50, every man has the face he deserves” but this is no longer true. It is possible to get the face you pay for and fight the effects of aging. As we get older, gravity. the sun, stress and diet can all have an effect on our faces: wrinkles start to appear between the nose and mouth, skin loosens and falls below the jawline or starts to sag round the neck. And while there’s nothing you can do to stop the clock ticking you can certainly take a few years off your face if you come to Thailand for a facelift.

The surgery 

 The perfect facelift candidate will have skin that retains some elasticity but which is starting to sag. The surgery itself can take anywhere from three to seven hours or longer. Most surgeons will work on both sides of the face in one operation but some might opt to do each side separately, depending on the patient’s particular needs and issues. The placement of incisions will depend on the extent of the lift, the patient’s facial structure and the type of correction they desire.

A standard facelift tightens the face and neck skin from the patients eye-line and downwards. The surgeon makes an incision in the hairline, taking it down past the front of the ears then around and behind. Other cuts may be made under the chin if you are seeking a further lift to the jawline.

Skin is carefully removed from the tissues below. The surgeon then takes out any excess fat and tightens the muscles or surrounding skin before pulling it back. Stitches are made under the skin to help hold deep tissues in position. The skin is then stitched back to the cut line. Of course, there are other different types of facelift such as a forehead lift or a deep facelift and the procedure is slightly different.  A drainage tube may be left in position on both sides of the face to take away excess liquid. The patient’s face will also be bandaged for 24 hours.


As with any surgery, a facelift is never without risks but this procedure has been performed for decades in Thailand on thousands of men and women, so the country can boasts some of the most experienced surgeons in the world. In the past some patients have had issues with bleeding and infection.  You can however, minimize any risks by talking to your surgeon beforehand and taking certain precautions. For example smokers will probably be asked to quit well before the operation as smoking can have negative effects on the healing process.


When you come to Thailand for a facelift, you should expect to be in hospital for at least a week. For the first couple of days after the surgery, patients will be bandaged. When the bandages are removed there will be some swelling but this is normal will soon subside. Any pain is easily controlled with medication. Following the operation, some patients have reported sensations in their face that they describe as “like having ants crawling in the skin” but these tend to dissipate after a few weeks.  It takes a few weeks to really see how the facelift will really look. So you should not expect to see a brand new you when you remove the bandages.

Bring back a younger you…today!