Female to male sex reassignment surgery

Yanhee in Bangkok PAI in Bangkok
Phalloplasty: 15,100
  • Metoidioplasty: 10,450 US$
  • Meta+Hysterectomy 13,000 US$
  • Hysterectomy
    3,750 US$
  • Ball Implant: $4000
  • Mastectomy: $4,500
Stay in Hospital 27 4-5 nights

For a  transgender men, taking that step to change your body and appearance to match how you’ve always felt, is the end of a long process of thought and the start of a whole new phase of your life. It can also be a long and costly affair, which is why you should consider having your surgery in Thailand. You don’t only enjoy access to the world’s gender reassignment surgeons but also will find that surgery here is more affordable and you can recover in an attractive and welcoming land.

Female to male sex reassignment is a complex procedure but Thai-based surgeons have been at the cutting edge of developments for decades. Basically, the female sex organs are removed and the surgeon crafts and male sex organ. It is usual to do this operation in three stages.

1. Breast reduction

2. The uterus and ovaries are removed

3. Closure of the vagina and lengthening of the urethra and urethral prefabrication and the male sex organ created.

Are you a candidate?  

  • Are you over 18 and have you been diagnosed with gender identity disorder, gender dysphoria or associated conditions?

  • Do you have a psychological certificate stating that this surgery would be appropriate written by a clinical psychologist or a psychiatrist.

  •  Documents stating that you’ve undergone hormone therapy for one year before the surgery and also lived as a man for at least one year.

The surgery
Because of the complex nature of female-to-make reassignment surgery, it is generally done in more than one stage:

Phase 1:

The first phrase is the breast reduction procedure.

  • To emulate the flatter and more muscular look of a man’s chest, many patients opt for a mastectomy. This is most often a bilateral mastectomy with grafting and reconstruction of the nipple-areola. This procedure leaves scars on the lower edges of the pectoral muscles but it does mean that the nipple can be resized and replaced so that they are more masculine. The scars also fade over time. The operation takes two hours and a tube will be inserted to allow blood to drain. Stitches are removed after a week or two and the operation requires you to be in Thailand for two weeks and some six nights in hospital. The surgical techniques used depend on the amount of breast tissue to be removed.

  • An operation to remove the uterus and the ovaries is usually performed at the  same time as the mastectomy. This is usually a total hysterectomy done with an abdominal incision.  A trans-abdominal hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy means complete removal of the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. It may take some weeks for patients to recover while they await phase two.

Phase 2:

  • This phase involves the closing of the vagina and the lengthening and rerouting of the urethra. First  there is a  vaginectomy and urethral lengthening which removes the vagina and lengthens the urethra to prepare it to carry urine out of the new penis which is part of stage three. This requires another two weeks in Thailand and a seven night stay in the hospital.

Phase 3:

The final stage involves the creation of the male organ. At this point, most patients have the physical appearance of a male and will have lived as a man for some years. In Thailand, surgeons tend to create a new penis using skin from the patient’s forearm. An adult-sized phallus can be made to ensure that urine can be passed.This will require a longer stay in hospital of fourteen nights and you will have to be in Thailand for a month. Once the penis has been created, you will have to wait  up to a year before the  penile implant surgery which will require a three night stay.

Match your body with your self