Male to female sex reassignment surgery

Yanhee in Bangkok PAI in Bangkok Phuket Hospital Bandon Hospital Samui
Penile Skin Inversion: 7,200

8200 US$

Traceal Shave: 800

Penile Skin Inversion: 8,600 US$

Sigmoind Colon: 11,700 US$

Traceal Shave: 2700 (hidden scar)

Penile Skin Inversion:

With breast implants: 13,131

Traceal Shave: 1,236

SRS with Penile and Scrotal Skin Inversion with Crotch
(Labia Majoria with Midline Convergence, Well-formed Labia Minora, Sensate Clitoris and Sensate Pink Vulva in 3 different planes, Dry vagina):
6500 US$

SRS with Penile and Scrotal Skin Inversion with Crotch
(Labia Majoria with Midline Convergence, Well-formed Labia Minora, Sensate Clitoris and Sensate Pink Vulva in 3 different planes, very deep Self-Lubricating vagina):
10,250 US$

Traceal Shave: 800

Stay in Hospital 14 nights 14 nights 14 nights 7-10 nights

Going through the physical changes to make you a woman is not only a serious and traumatic step for any transsexual person, but it can also be the most liberating experience of your life, as your body matches the gender with which you have identified for so long. Once you have made the decision to undergo sex reassignment surgery and consulted with your doctors and psychiatrists, then Thailand is the best choice as the place to come for the procedure. The kingdom boasts the world’s best surgeons in this area, with years of expertise. It is also an economic option as sex change surgery is cheaper here than in any western nation.

Are you a candidate?  

Because this surgery is so drastic and life changing, strict criteria have to be met before you will be deemed eligible.

  • The patient has to be at least 18 or have the consent of a parent if under the age of 18.

  • Must have psychology certificate stating that you are a suitable candidate for sex reassignment surgery from a psychiatrist or clinical psychologist who is a professionally qualified specialist in the field of gender dysphoria.You must be diagnosed with gender identity disorder, gender dysphoria or any associated disorder.

  • Must have undergone at least a year of and hormones and/or antiandrogens and have a hormone therapy certificate proving this.

  • Required to have lived full-time as a woman for at least a year.

The procedure

Sex change surgery in Thailand is safe and  enjoys a high success rate and can take up to 8 hours. The operation begins with the surgeon having to creative a vaginal cavity in the space between the rectum and the urethra. Some of the muscles in the pelvic floor are cut to make a neo-vagina. An incision is then made to open the penis. Then, the urethra is shortened and re-routed to just above the new vaginal opening.

The second stage involves the creation of the vaginal cavity. Cuts are made into the scrotal skin to remove the testicles. This sensitive scrotal skin and surrounding tissues is then used by the surgeon to make up the external genitalia such as labia minora and labia majora. This will be sculpted to create an appearance indistinguishable from a biological female genitalia.

A technique called “Penile Inversion Vaginoplasty”  is used to effectively turn the penile skin inside out . This will effectively line the vaginal wall. The depth of the vagina is limited depending on how much skin the surgeon has to work with. For circumcised patients, or those with smaller penises, the surgeon has to use a scrotal skin graft as well as the penis skin to increase the depth of the new vagina, vaginal depth, usually 16-17 centimetres. The new clitoris is made by retaining a small section of the penis glans penis with blood supply and nerves intact. This gland is the male equivalent of the clitoris and is positioned above the urethral meatus. The labia minora is then constructed with part of glans and prepuce skin.

After the surgery

The patient will have to remain in bed for the first 24 hours after the procedure and in Thailand for at least two weeks. This time is needed to start dilation of the new vagina. All drains and urinary catheter are usually removed  after about five days along with the stitches. Patients can then continue with their hormonal medications after two weeks under doctors orders.

Become who you are