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Reshaping: 2,000
Alarplasty: 450
Implant: 600-800
Reshaping: 3,900
Tip: 700
Alarplasty: 350
Implant: 440
Reshaping: 4,635
Alarplasty: 309
Implant: 494
Reshaping: 4,635
Alarplasty: 625
Implant: 950
Reshaping: 1,610
Implant: 970
Stay in Hospital 1 night 1 night 2 nights 1 night

Your nose is literally the standout feature of your face, so if yo’re not happy with the way it looks you’ll never feel good about yourself. You might think it’s too big, the wrong shape, crooked or bulging in the wrong places and this can make you feel unattractive. But even the slightest difference to your nose can massively improve the way you feel about yourself.   This is why rhinoplasty, or nose jobs, are the most common type of cosmetic surgery.  Thailand boasts some of the best surgeons in the world for carrying out this procedure and by coming here for your operation you can save money and recover in a beautiful place.

There are many different ways that a surgeon can change the way your nose looks. They might increase or reduce its size, alter the shape of the tip or bridge, narrow the nostrils or change the angle. So it is vital that you meet with your surgeon and talk together to find exactly what you want to achieve. After all, this is a procedure that will change how you look and feel about yourself  for the rest of your life.

Before the surgery

Before the operation, the surgeon has to take several factors into account: your bone structure, the shape of your face, the cartilage and skin that make up your nose, your skin texture and even your age.  They will need to know about any prior facial injuries or surgery and if you have had any breathing difficulties. You also need to inform your surgeon as to whether you smoke or are on any medication.

The surgery

There are different procedures in rhinoplasty depending on your goals. Rhinoplasty is performed under general or local anesthesia depending on the extent of the surgery.  Generally the surgeon will make incisions at the base of the nose. This allows access to the bone and cartilage which can then be sculpted into shape. Any bumps can be removed with chisels or rasps or cartilage might be used to reshape the tip. Surgery might take a two hours or longer. More simple operations can be done on an outpatient basis but if your procedure is more complex you may be required to stay in overnight.

Post surgery

After, the surgery your nose will be dressed with a splint and tape and covered with an overlay of plastic, metal or plaster that’s applied to the bone and cartilage to help the nose retain its new shape.  Your nose will ache at first and many patients experience headaches. For your first day after surgery you’ll need to keep your head elevated. You face might be puffy and there is often some bleeding, The bandaging on the nose is taken away after a few days and any stitches are removed within a week or two.

See a new you in the mirror!